Golden Gate Pole Championships 2017

I worked on this piece for over 3 months, in the winter of 2016-2017, developing floor work, choreography and tricks combos with one of my choreographers, Tiffany Rose Mockler. Tiffany helped me develop fluidity in my floor work, which was one of my big pole goals for 2017. The song is "Poison" by The Vaults, and the costume is custom made by designer Fionnuala Bourke of Fibourke Designs.

The story is about a woman who begins to fall in love, but she knows going in, that she is going to destroy this new person she loves, and she dances this song as a warning, maybe to take away the guilt that she doesn't want to feel after it is over, maybe to make him really go now before she knows she'll inevitably leave him damaged in her wake.