NCPP 2014 Doubles

This routine was the first performance that I collaborated on with Kaitlyn Barclay. Kaitlyn is a force of nature, a woman's woman. She makes the people she meets feel like they can achieve anything and I feel blessed to count her among my closest friends. This collaboration meant to tell a story about domestic violence. A few months before we put this together, I had been studying night and day for the Bar exam and the phrase 'battered women's cycle', a legal term of art, found itself repeating constantly and often through my head, as I memorized its legal elements. My experience with abusive relationships ended almost a decade ago, at 23, but it was really easy for me to remember the pain, fear and aggression that goes hand in hand with constantly going back to something that I knew wasn't good for me, that I knew was hurting me and that made me loathe myself. I took those emotions and channeled them into this piece. Kaitlyn played the phantom of the aggressor and the brokenness it creates in its wake, leaving the audience breathless...and scared of her.