PPC Pro Division 2016

PPC 2016 was my first Pro division piece and I wanted to do something sassy, funny, and character driven (lol, surprise!). I really liked the idea of doing a medley of 70s songs, giving me an excuse to learn different styles of disco. To take the audience on the journey, there needed to be something that motivated my disco queen and I found that motivation in the first song, 'I Will Survive' by Gloria Gaynor. The lyrics of 'I Will Survive' tell a story of someone who has been downtrodden, kicked down, slopped around in the proverbial mud just one too many times, and she is not going to take it anymore! That is where disco queen begins her journey. Finding her strength early on, she moves through 'Disco Inferno', 'Dancing Queen', and ends strong and proud with the song 'Pop Culture'. Though the routine turned out a bit hurried and choppy, I could not be more proud to have placed 11th out of 12 of some of the most inspiring dancers I know, including Kirstin Gerding and Kaitlyn Barclay, also from Northern CA/San Francisco.